Are doulas only for people who want natural births?

Certainly not! Whether you want ALL the drugs, no drugs, or prefer the “wait and see” approach, a doula can help you. Although doulas are primarily used by women planning unmedicated births, a doula can also be useful for a mother who chooses an epidural, or even a Cesarean section.

What about the mother’s partner? What is his or her role?

The mother’s birth partner–spouse, relative, or friend–plays an important role during the labor and birth. As a doula, I promise I won’t try to usurp you! We will work together to improve the mother’s birth. I will help you to know which comfort measures could benefit the laboring mother and I will always be there to step in and relieve you if you need a break. I will make you look great!

Do you attend homebirths?

Yes! I love attending homebirths overseen by a licensed midwife. I choose not to attend  unassisted births for liability reasons.

Doulas are a form of pain relief in themselves.