My role as your doula is to:

  • Provide you and your partner with evidence-based information so that you can be informed about your decisions
  • Support you and your partner in those decisions
  • Provide emotional support to you before, during, and after labor
  • Provide physical support to you and your partner during labor by suggesting and implementing a variety of comfort measures

As a doula, I will not:

  • Perform medical tasks
  • Give medical advice
  • Make decisions for you
  • Pressure you into making a particular choice
  • Take over the partner’s role

Services include:

  • 1 preliminary meeting with the mother and partner to determine whether we would be a good fit (no cost)
  • 2 prenatal meetings to get to know each other and discuss your birth preferences. The birth partner will attend these meetings as well.
  • On-call availability beginning at 38 weeks of pregnancy
  • Unlimited availability via text/emails/phone calls at any time during your pregnancy
  • Labor support at your home and/or hospital or birth center
  • One in-home postpartum visit  to discuss your birth, help with breastfeeding or answer questions about infant care


I do have a backup doula just in case there is an emergency and I am unable to make it to your birth. However, the chances of needing to use her are very low.


My fee is $600, which includes a $200 down payment. The down payment is due after the preliminary meeting, if you decide that we are a good fit. This will lock in your due date on the calendar. The remaining $400 shall be paid in its entirety by 36 weeks of pregnancy.